• Minimum transaction cost
    It provides varieties of products such as foreign exchange, metals, energy and so on.
  • New leading trading platform
    To provide customers with advanced and efficient MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform.
  • The most convenient access to gold
    Customers can pay in and out of the account through the Customer Management Center directly by means of remittance, savings card or other means of payment.
  • VIP supreme service and training
    Through the online platform, combined with multimedia demonstration, real-time example operation, one-to-one explanation, to interpret key market news for you.
  • Our advantages
    Strictly observe the regulation and ensure the safety of customers' funds and information. Powerful MT4 platform, powerful server, providing fast and stable trading system to customers.
  • transaction cost
    Minimum Transaction Cost: Provide a wide range of differential contract products, such as foreign exchange, metals, energy, etc., to provide competitive point difference. At the same time, the real time Trading Commission allows us investors to enjoy the lowest transaction costs and maximize the revenue.
  • Security of funds
    A variety of access funds: to provide a variety of convenient and safe access funds, customers can directly through the wire transfer, savings card or other means of payment, through the customer management center for access funds. Enter the cash in real time and pay 1 to 24 hours.
  • Trading mode
    STP, ECN trading mode, no manual quotation, transaction instantaneous execution, 7 *24 hours exclusive account manager professional services


ETGCL regards honesty and service as mission and puts it in the first place in the development of business and business.


1) In order to protect the interests of all customers, any documents filled out by the customer, such as changing the e-mail notification or withdrawal application, etc., must be the same as the signature on the customer agreement. To handle.

2) Division I do not encourage customers in addition to their own, the account to any person, including customer brokers and agents, on behalf of customers to do any trading transactions. If the customer has any loss I Division is not responsibl

3) Internet failure

As a result of our lack of control network signal capabilities, the signal through the Internet to receive and route, the structure of your equipment or the reliability of the connection, we are not on the Internet transactions in the communication failure, distortion or delay.

4) trading hours

Daylight: Monday to Saturday 06: 00-04: 45 (Hong Kong time / Beijing time)

Winter: Monday to Saturday morning 07: 00-05: 45 (Hong Kong time / Beijing time)

5) in the fast market in the implementation of "limit plate" and "stop loss plate"

In the fast market, we must widen the trading spread to reflect the increased market risk. In this case your "limit order" and "stop-loss" may be executed at a market price that is worse than your default execution price. At present, we will limit the deviation within 300 points (if any changes will be here to inform) as your protection. So, when you preset the "limit order" and "stop-loss", you must understand this additional fast market risk. However, when the transaction price is maintained at the standard deviation price, we guarantee that your "limit order" and "stop loss" if executed, will be the expected price of your transaction.

6) Abnormal transaction


1. Exceptional trading accounts are often closed in 1-5 minutes.

2. The Client shall use, directly or indirectly, any non-group computer software or damaging tools issued by the Group, which will be referred to the Vanuatu Police Technology Crime Bureau.

3. Customers use the same account and use multiple computer terminals to conduct transactions, intended to "intensive trading" means that the market caused huge turnover of misleading information.

4 of which more than 20-40% of the transactions are less than 1-5 minutes to complete.

5. The number of transactions varies greatly, such as an instant change from 0.1 to 0.5 hands to 5 to 10 hands.

6. If you use the form of lock, and then the transaction is also 1-5 minutes to open positions.

7. Use two or more accounts to open and close each other in a short period of time (1-5 minutes).

7)deal with

1, abnormal trading customers, such as the Secretary for the initial transaction by the Secretary to determine the abnormal trading account, the trading account transactions and funds will be frozen, and to conduct a 1-2 month investigation. After the investigation, if the existence of abnormal transactions, customers need to apply within 14 days to terminate the account application. Upon completion of the formalities, the Group will refund the remaining amount of the account (excluding any profits arising from the abnormal transaction).

2, referral abnormal customer agent, such as the initial system by the customer to determine the case of abnormal transactions, the customer will be the service fee will be frozen until the completion of the investigation. If the investigation does occur, the service fee incurred by the unusual account will not be paid and the service fee paid in the past will be retained and the agent is entitled to be disqualified.

We will adjust the relevant processing rules from time to time.


For investors to provide the most quick and innovative online deposit (need to open online banking function), investors only in the official website click on the "Account Management Center", enter the MT4 account and password to log in their own account management center: click on "account into the gold" and then Prompt to enter the amount you want to deposit the amount of money, and then choose to pay the bank, click OK to automatically jump to the online banking interface, through your U shield and other media verification after real-time remittance, so easy and worry-free deposit, Instant arrival, safe and fast, and no cost advantages.

9 ) Withdrawals

Investors only need to click on the official website click on the "account management center", enter the MT4 account and password to log in their own account management center: click on "account money", and then enter the amount of money you want to withdraw money, the system automatically review withdrawal information, The system will automatically remit money to the customer's silver card, according to the bank system settlement time, withdrawal time (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm, except statutory holidays) we committed to withdraw within 6 hours, but not included Bank processing time.

We do not accept third party deposits or withdrawals. We do not accept third party deposits or withdrawals. The bank card information must be consistent with the source of funds and the returned bank card information.
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Policy Privacy policy Anti money laundering policy Disclaimer Risk disclosure statement Customer Agreement Privacy policyNow:Home»Policy»Privacy policy Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy explains how ETGCL (sometimes referred to as "us" or "our") collects, uses and maintains information about customers and parties who are potentially associated with ETGCL (sometimes referred to as "you", "your" or "potential Customer ") of the non-public information. This policy applies only to non-public personal information of individuals (not institutions).

Collecting nonpublic personal information - We collect nonpublic personal information in the following cases:

(A) you have opened and maintained an account in the Company,

(B) you ask us about the financial products or services we offer.

Specifically, we collect nonpublic personal information through the following channels:

(A) an account opening document and any other forms (such as name, address, social security number, tax number, asset and income) that you have given us;

(B) transactions we carry out or with us (including account balances, cash deposits / withdrawals);

(C) information other than ETGCL (such as information provided by credit rating agencies);

(D) Browse the ETGCL website (cookies may be used to track activities that you visit during your site, but will not be used to obtain your personal information unless you provide such information in an informed manner);

(E) direct consultation with ETGCL products or financial services (eg using MT4 transactions).

Share nonpublic personal information——We will not sell or rent customer information. We will not disclose non-public personal information of current or former customers to any non-affiliated third party or affiliate except as permitted by law. We can share information in the following cases:

(A) provide information to service providers on account management and services, including lawyers, accountants, auditors and other professionals;

(B) to provide information to associates in order to provide you with continuous personal advice and assistance on the products and services you have purchased through us and to introduce you to other products and services that may be useful to you;

(C) provide information to non-affiliated companies to perform services on behalf of ETGCL but only to facilitate the provision of financial products or services provided by ETGCL; to provide information or provide information to regulatory authorities at the request of summonses, court orders, judicial proceedings;

(D) provide information to prevent fraud, unauthorized transactions (such as money laundering), claims or other liabilities. If you are not a potential customer of ETGCL, we may share some or all of your personal information with non-associates with legal permission. But it is important to note that we only share this information with the service providers that sell our products or services. Moreover, the information we provide does not include credit information (such as credit history and net worth) or income information;

(E) the law allows you to "refuse" that we may in some cases share non-public personal information relating to you in association with associates and non-associates, that you may direct ETGCL to disclose such information. At this time, we do not share your information with any affiliate or third party that caused the refusal. So you do not have to choose to reject. If we would like to disclose your information in a way that is inconsistent with this policy, we will inform you in advance and give you the opportunity to choose to refuse to disclose such information.

safety technology—— We protect your account information by taking security measures on personal information stored on the ETGCL website, using firewalls and data encryption, and asking you to enter a unique username and password to view your account information online. In the case of internal security procedures, we only allow you to know the information in order to view the non-public personal information for the management or staff of our clients. At ETGCL, we value the protection of non-public information about customers and potential customers and will continue to make every effort to ensure that our information protection measures will meet your needs.

Changes to privacy policy——We may modify the privacy policy in the future, will be updated on the ETGCL website in a timely manner. As long as you are an ETGCL customer or potential customer, we will send you the latest privacy policy at least once a year.

Update your nonpublic personal information—— We strive to maintain the integrity and accuracy of your and your account information. If you believe that our records are incorrect or incomplete, please let us know and we will investigate and correct any inaccuracies as soon as possible. You can also contact us by following the telephone number or e-mail address to update the information. If you want to write, please specify your name, mailing address and phone number, and if possible, please also indicate your account number.


ETGCL's index trading is regarded as a spread contract, and investors only need to trade through changes in the trading price, rather than buying real assets.

ETGCL uses a "hand-count" trading mechanism, which means that all index products are traded under standard contracts. These standard contracts completely duplicate the market value or part of the value of the corresponding index. After simplification, investors can trade in the form of a standard first-hand contract corresponding to a fixed margin. All index units are actually "one contract", such as 1 WS30 and 1 ASX200. In order to reflect the future situation more effectively and maintain sufficient circulation, we have worked out the minimum trading unit shown in the figure below.


24 hour real-time quote

Market transaction:
When customers use our online trading platform for trading, customers only click on the trading platform pricing window in the corresponding products and click to buy and sell. A screen pops up on the live screen and offers a transaction price. This price may differ from the price shown in the offer window because the quoted price is the latest offer for actual trading and is only valid for a short period of time. In addition, your default transaction will be displayed and modified when necessary. Otherwise, you can trade only by clicking on it.

Limit trading:
Limit transactions can be provided in our trading platform or by telephone, all limit orders with GOOD (GTH) TILL HOILDAY in the form of execution. GTH stands for the automatic cancellation of the order after any holiday or the cancellation of the customer. Customers in the limit order trading, trading commodity price must be set at the time the market outside the market gap points, otherwise our refusal to accept customer orders; in the fierce market price changes, we must broaden market points to reflect the increase in market risk.